Kalorama Village, Inc.

Membership in Our Community

Kalorama Village will have two initial membership categories:

Charter Members will contribute an amount to be determined, and the first two years of their membership fees in Kalorama Village will be waived.  They will be permanently recognized as Charter Members and the amount of their contribution over the two-year annual dues for regular Village Members will be tax-deductible.  

Village Members will pay annual dues in an amount to be determined for household and  individual memberships.

Regardless of when a Charter Member or a Village Member joins, the  annual dues period will not begin to run until Kalorama Village begins operations in 2008.

Would you like to make a tax-deductible donation before (or in addition to) becoming a Charter or Village Member? 

You are invited to become a Friend of Kalorama Village.  Your fully tax-deductible donation in any amount will help to make us a reality in our community.  Please send it today to Kalorama Village, Inc., at our address on the About Us page.